World of Warcraft fans don’t like Calia’s feelings very much

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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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In Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands, Kalia Menethil has always been the background of the story for the players. If there is a big lore about the tribe, the undead, or the end of the fourth war, then she will preach love and acceptance there. She seems to Buy WOW Classic Gold be benevolent, except that some World of Warcraft players don't trust her-every time she shows up, their worries increase.

It takes some work to figure out who Calia Menethil is, because her background story is hidden in books, Legion's pastor campaign and a little knowledge of World of Warcraft. She is the sister of Prince Arthas Menethil, who eventually murdered their father, killed their way through the kingdom, and raised an army of undead.

And in Legion, she wants to be called "just Calia", which makes sense. It is common to refuse relatives to commit a series of crimes such as genocide and mass killings. But while serving as a priest, she met with King Anduin and helped establish a meeting between the humans in the alliance and the Classic WOW Gold forgotten in the tribe.

Calia's first major active story decision is to take a stealth action to allow a large group of forgotten to escape from the tribe and join the alliance at the climax of the novel "Before the Storm". As the leader of the Forsaken, Sylvanas expressed dissatisfaction with this, and killed all the undead and Kalia who fled. But in World of Warcraft, death is not permanent. Anduin was upset about the death of his new friend, so he took her back to the Void Temple. With sacred magical power, the priest managed to bring Kalia back to a new kind of undead. Kalia's resurrected body is driven by light, not the usual necromantic spells.

Fans don't know what this means, and no one in World of Warcraft knows what it means. This has caused countless speculations, and players have noticed that we can win an undead race for the alliance. Since then, Calia has participated in meetings with the tribe, but she is not a political leader. That would be a tricky move. Since the storm, fans have been worried that Kalia will be replaced to replace the leader of the Forsaken. The former leader is Sylvanas, and he is currently wearing a villain hat next to the jailer in the Shadowlands. Sylvanas may be the future raid boss, but she is one of the most popular characters in the game.

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