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When you apply this method apply this method, you stake 1M Osrs gold for each duel. Imagine you have 50M gold with a 1M as the base stake.

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Flick: +3 attack to OSRS Gold increase accuracy. If your whip on the osrs has been set to turn on flicking, it has the chance of having a 50.90 percentage chance of hitting your opponent with lash or deflect.

Lash Strength: +1 attack, strength, defense for balance. The only attack style to give you a strength bonus. When you lash, you stand a 50.45 percentage chance to knock your opponent to the ground.

Deflect: +3 defense helps prevent damage. Deflect sponges incoming hits. When using deflect to stake your claim in Runescapes duel field, the probability of a precise smack drops to 49.55%.

Now you are aware of the percentages when using different attack styles. It is inevitable that you will want to utilize this information towards your own advantage. So how do you do that?

Each time your player moves for a strike, click and flick. Remember, +3 accuracy. Now as soon as you witness your hitsplat or see the experience decrease shift to deflect. If your opponent is forced to swing at you, as long as you select deflect you'll get a +3 defensive boost.

A lot of help for almost no effort, wouldn't they?

The best part is that this strategy for staking osrs isn't just for whip fights. Can be used in osrs DDS showdowns as well as osrs boxing matches.

3. Martingale System: Put Your Money in the Bank and Still Make Money

Have you ever been in the duel arena lobby broke, angry and slightly regretful? I've certainly been there...

When it concerns OSRS duel arena stakes, you're never 100% certain about the result. You could walk out with tons of gold or be completely clean with a single swoop!

That's why it's important to be as smart as the old man. There's a financial security net that you are able to deploy anytime. It's known as the Martingale System and here's what you should know:

What's The Martingale System?

Utilized by professionals, the Martingale System is a strategic method to help you secure place bets on your GP. In essence, you double your bet for every loss so you break even or profit. With even odds and weaponry, over time, you're most likely to win as many stakes as you lose.

How do You Use this System?

When you apply this method apply this method, you stake 1M Osrs gold for each duel. Imagine you have 50M gold with a 1M as the base stake. Now every time that you win a duel your stake is doubled. So 1 loss = 1M stake. 2 losses = 2M stake. 3 losses = 4M stake. 3 losses is equivalent to 8M stake it goes on.

Since stakes are an inverse risk the odds are that you'll eventually win. In addition, since you've doubled the losses you've made, you'll almost get your whole 50M back when you do. Now that your losing streak was broken, you can continue to play 1M stakes on the baseline until you're lost Buy RS Gold again.

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