Request your mental health professional for ESA letter - 2022 Guide

Request your mental health professional for ESA letter - 2022 Guide

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The benefits of getting an emotional support animal letter are infinite and are proven by science. Adopting an emotional support animal is much easier than you would have thought. And getting the emotional support animal letter is also easier but you need to be careful of a few steps to avoid any scams. 


You need to realize if you need to keep an emotional support animal. If you are experiencing signs of any mental health like depression, anxiety, sleeping disorder, or PTSD, then you can consider this option. Your Emotional support animal will help you feel better when you are down or don't feel like talking to anyone. Not only that has mental health benefits but it will also help you improve your physical health and fitness. You can choose any species of emotional support animal to keep with you like cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, fish, rats, foxes, parrots, and even snakes. You can choose an animal of any size which you can keep easily. Most people adopt a cat or a dog as an emotional support animal.  but you are free to choose any species of any size.


Ask your doctor


After you have decided to keep An emotional support animal, you have to contact your doctor or any mental health professional who can guide you in this regard and who is familiar with your mental condition. A professional will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your mental health to evaluate and determine if you need to keep an emotional support animal. Make sure that you consult only a licensed professional. 


If your mental professional allows you to keep an emotional animal you can adopt one from your near local Pet shelter. After you have adopted an ESA the next step is to get a letter. This ESA letter will be evidence that the animal with you, is an emotional support animal and you can carry it with you inside the house or on a plane under the emotional support animal laws. 


Confirm its validity


Make sure that you go through the letter and see that it contains all the necessary information like the name, license number, permission to practice in your state, your mental health condition, need of keeping the ESA, and contact information of the professional. You can also view the esa letter for housing available online and compare it to your letter to confirm its validity. This step is important to avoid any scams which may lead to bigger issues later.


Make necessary arrangements


Sometimes your landlord can also reject your emotional support animal letter to make some arrangements that will ensure that your animal does not cause any trouble to your neighbors or your landlord. You also have to get a few Essentials like pet food, grooming equipment, some toys, and a comfy bed. You are required to take care of your emotional support animal to make sure that they live A comfortable and happy life. If you do not do so you may violate animal rights for which you can be fined heavily. For more information, do visit visit


With a few simple steps, you can get emotional support animal letters easily without any hassle. After getting the letter and making sure that you get enough copies of it. Do not submit your original emotional support animal letter to anyone. After a year you will have to renew it as an emotional support animal letter expires after 1 year. This time you have to only repeat the process of consulting your mental health professional. This document is official and should be taken care of.

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