Lost Ark Guide - How to beat Lost Ark Signatus

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Posted 5 months ago in Gaming.

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Riva Tom

Lost Arks have huge arenas or open fields, these arenas tend to have powerful wild bosses/Raid World Bosses that spawn at specific times of the day. These spawn times are different from regular bosses that spawn after 30 minutes.

Lost Ark provides players with a lot of career choices and amazing adventures. During the adventure, receive different tasks and defeat various bosses to get more rewards, which include currencies such as Gold Lost Ark and various items to upgrade equipment.

The Lost Ark Signatus arena is located southeast of the Soldier Ant Nest and north of the Hoverboard test site. Since there are no other enemies in the area, players can engage in 1v1 battles. You can also wait for the boss here, don't worry about any surprise attack.

Since Signatus is a Raid World Boss, you must pay attention to its spawn time. Signatus spawn times can be viewed from the calendar in the upper left corner of the UI, select the day you play the game and you'll be able to see the schedule of various bosses including Signatus.

Finding the boss is entirely up to the luck of the player, you'll have to check the calendar on the specific day you're playing for a more accurate result. Signatus is usually found about every hour from 11AM to 5AM. At the same time, some players find the boss every two or three days.

What skills does Lost Ark Signatus have?

Before fighting the boss, you need the correct item level, the player needs to be at least level 380 to fight the Signatus, otherwise, your losses will not be registered. RPGStash will give you a guide to help you defeat Signatus.

Signatus has 180 spin attacks, it starts on the right and moves 180 degrees to the left. Also, when it does so, it shoots flames from its arms. As such, any melee user with a frontal attack should be careful, even ranged players like the Sorceress cannot dodge it safely.

How to beat Lost Ark Signatus

Signatus has an action that creates an electric field that forces the player to form a circle around the boss. You should stay completely away from this area or stand in an unaffected area until the move is complete.

After the electric field, the Signatus likes to fire a barrage of rockets from the missile silo on its shoulder. Players can run across from the boss to avoid this action. When Signatus uses its main cannon to attack all frontal enemies, the player can avoid it by slipping behind the boss.

Signatus performs a 360-degree rotation when firing the laser. There are two variants, one with slow motion and one with very fast rotation, so be aware of the different possibilities. This area should be highlighted in red as a danger zone, allowing you to anticipate and avoid movement. The best strategy is to get into the melee range and make your own melee attacks while moving.

The boss throws lightning at the player. A blue circle will appear in the impact area. If you see it, use it up. Signatus also fires barrages of missiles, using 3 shots or machine guns. Players need to stand behind the boss to avoid it. The boss has a charge action, the red moving beam moves away from the boss, sending a telegram. You can avoid it by leaving the path.

These skills of Lost Ark Signatus may require players to try a few times to avoid them, and this guide provided by RPGStash will prevent players from taking detours. Avoiding danger is not enough to defeat the boss, you also need strong character skills, Lost Ark Buy Gold on rpgstash.com will help you to enhance your character skills to better deal with the boss for the final victory.