Lost Ark Crafting Guide

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Posted 12 months ago in Gaming.

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Lost Ark attracts players not just by killing and looting, but also by a casual lifestyle. In the game, many materials such as Gold Lost Ark and some materials for upgrading equipment can be obtained by raiding and killing bosses, and some materials can be collected when you are relaxed.

Lost Ark also offers a crafting system, to craft items yourself, you need to craft materials, and you need to collect or mine them. For this, you need trade skills or life skills. These are unlocked from level 24 by completing specific tasks.

Lost Ark All Life Skills


How do life skills work?

Crafting in The Lost Ark is very important. Some items originally purchased by Lost Ark Gold, such as eye drops, can also be crafted by collecting materials. Save Gold for more meaningful things.

To perform life skills in lost Ark, the tools used are also graded, which you can buy from merchants. These tools have five rarity tiers, each of which increases durability and access to rare materials. From level 2 you will have to craft tools.

When you perform trade or life skills such as chopping trees or picking flowers, you level up this skill. The higher the level, the higher the chance of getting rare materials. Larger trees or rare plants require higher levels. Wood is worth upgrading your fort and producing ship material there. You will also need wood to craft the Astray boat.

It's worth mentioning that collecting materials requires work energy, and you have a maximum of 10,000 points. So don't cut everything at once, at some point, you'll have to wait and restore your energy, and you'll get 4,320 points per day. You can also buy potions that replenish your energy.

Although making items does not require fighting, it also requires you to have enough patience and time. For some casual players. Instead of wasting time here, you can use the money to buy what you need and save time for more meaningful things.

In Lost Ark, Gold is the most widely used currency by players, and the higher the level, the greater the consumption. Therefore, players have to Lost Ark Buy Gold from reliable suppliers in addition to their accumulation to meet their needs.

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