When is coming the next RuneScape Double XP Event?

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Finale will take players to three locations - Black Knight's Fortress as well as the World Gate, and the island of Kami Shima RS Gold, which may provide glimpses of the possible outcomes. When they complete the chapter, it will reward the players "four Quest points, a new T5 magic dice.

The penultimate reward track unlock during April's Quest Point Caravan, a moderate XP light, the Shadow Rip home of Relomia, Teleport cosmetic access 2 Treasure Hunter keys" and "one additional reward to be found".

The Runescape Double XP events are always an extremely exciting time in the game. In giving players a long period of time in which they can get a lot of XP on the table the game, it's a great method of celebrating the progress that the games have gone through and what it's going to do in the near future. If you're interested in taking advantages of Double XP event in RuneScape, this is what you should know.

Runescape Double Exp will finally start this Friday, the 18th of February. The duration will be 10 days. As there's only a handful of these in a year, it seems likely that we'll have take a while to wait for another OSRS Gold For Sale. Make sure you plan your objectives and plan the best way to make maximum value from those extra XP.