How to choose a solid wood folding dining table

solid wood folding dining table

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1. Dimensions

Furniture is not only beautiful, but also practical. Whether the size of the furniture conforms to ergonomic principles and the specified size determines whether the furniture is convenient to use.

The minimum height of the dining table should not be less than 80cm, and the maximum height should not exceed 85cm.

The dining chair is 45-48cm. The dining table and the dining chair should be proportional, the table is higher, and the relative chair will be higher.

2. Look at environmental protection

Solid wood folding dining table is deeply loved by consumers because of its natural material, environmental protection and health.

When purchasing a solid wood folding dining table, from the perspective of environmental protection, varnish or wood wax oil can be used for the coating process.

Varnish and wood wax oil are suitable for various solid wood materials, and wood wax oil is higher than varnish in environmental protection level.

3. Functionality

Before buying a solid wood folding dining table, we also need to determine how big our dining area is, so that we can better decide the size and shape of the solid wood folding dining table. The long solid wood folding dining table requires a larger dining area, and the round shape feels relatively small. The irregular one is smaller and more suitable for two people to use, while the foldable one has less requirements and is more flexible.

4. Style

When buying a solid wood folding dining table, we should also decide on the overall style of our restaurant decoration.

For example: simple and light log color, often suitable for Nordic, Japanese, log style, and the table looks lighter and thinner in design. Deep wood color, suitable for simple beauty, modern Chinese style, retro Chinese style, mix and match, etc., the shape design will be thicker.

Corresponding to the positioning of the entire home decoration style, choose solid wood folding dining table, I believe your restaurant will definitely be a landscape.

5. Material selection

As a furniture with a specific purpose in a specific environment of a restaurant, solid wood folding dining table should in principle choose materials that have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, wear resistance, easy cleaning and heat resistance. The recommended wood is based on this idea.

solid wood folding dining table