Making a guild within Lost Ark is fairly simple and is possible

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Additionally, you cannot just pick the race of your choice when you create your character. It will be determined based on the character's classes Lost Ark Gold, which are similar to their gender. Because of this, the race of your character will be locked when you choose the class.

It's still unclear whether players will be able to select different races in every class in the future as the game's developer has yet to say anything about this.

One of the main advantages of most MMORPGs is the possibility to do things with friends in-game, and guilds can be a fantastic way to keep everyone together and plan events.

Making a guild within Lost Ark is fairly simple and is possible once players have completed the prologue and have earned the required amount of silver. The game throws many challenges at players the second they exit the prologue, which is why learning about guilds can easily be lost in the multitude of details.

To access the guild tab click Alt+U or select "Community" on the bottom right-hand corner of the map. You can then select "Guild" from the pop-up menu. It will display the screen for guilds. On first glance Cheapest Lost Ark Gold, it will list all the guilds looking to recruit members. Guilds can have up to 30 members when they first start.