This is additionally valid for NBA 2K22

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If you're a MyTeam frequent user or have a vague acquaintance with this mode that you pass by for a chat from time every now and then NBA MT Coins, you'll notice that the game is played according to the seasons. Each season is about a month two-and-a-half in length, using up a now worn-out model on numerous games. Previous seasons of 2022, the 3, had the very obvious theme of Christmas and winter.

Leaving ice to settle in the menus as well as on specific cards, such as cards from the Iced Out and Cryo Genesis series. With Christmas being a season of the gift of gifts 2K released daily rewards and challenges with a lot of value on new cards along with the excellent locker code that guarantees an unbeatable Pink Diamond card (Bird 96 for instance).

On the new side as there are all the time or nearly always throughout the seasons, the "Iced Out" season introduced the possibility of having a "level" above the maximum level of 40, in order to occupy the most relentless players. There is no XP to accumulate here however there are challenges to be completed in order to have the chance to choose the game mode of your choice.

It was a chance for a player who was not a multi-player to seek his Holy Grail in Unlimited for example. There are also the Moments cards, which salute performance that is no longer relevant to the current NBA players have been discontinued. They are now available in a flurry Buy NBA 2K22 MT, but rather through an array of challenges that we'll discuss in the future.