Balance of the Shadowlands Covenant in World of Warcraft

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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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Now that the latest expansion of World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, has been released for a few weeks, and Season 1 has begun, now seems to be a good time to check the balance of the covenant. I'm not talking about the balance of ability and soul binding, but about the balance of players in each covenant. In addition, I just look at it from a pure PvE perspective, so I haven't considered PvP yet. For this, I will use numbers extracted from wowranks and based on the data on December 13. In addition, since I will not play all the courses and specifications, I will cross-reference Wowhead's Covenant Guide. There are certain errors here, but these data are mainly used to structure the discussion. I realize that this is only a partial data set that may affect certain conclusions.

This is a breakdown of the roles that have chosen the covenant. The percentages are broken down into Kyrian 29.05%, Necrolords 15.59%, Night Fae 31.92% and Venthyr 23.44%. Overall, this is much more even than I expected. The Necromancer is about 10% lower than the average, while the night monster is slightly higher than the average. Nevertheless, everything is almost the same. But when I started to look at the statistics from shift to shift, everything became more uneven.

The profession with the greatest deviation is Paladin, of which Kyrian is 72.61%, Necrolords is 2.94%, Night Fae is 4.65%, and Ventyr is 19.80%. After reviewing the Paladin’s suggestions, I think the Paladin may distort the results because Kylian is recommended as the best choice for Raid and Myth+. However, the Paladins accounted for 16.17% of all Paladins in the Kyrian Covenant, so their influence will certainly not be large enough to illustrate Kyrian's huge advantage in winning the Paladins. In Mythic+, Kyrian is recommended as the WOW Classic Gold best choice for Prot and Ret, which may mean that most players are most interested in Mythic+.

However, there is another possible explanation. The most important thing for Kyrian is service and responsibility, which fits very well with the general class fantasy of the Paladin. The holy warrior protects those who cannot defend themselves. This is their whole purpose, and why the story of the fallen paladin is so influential. If this is closely related to the Kyrian ideal that drives this choice, then solving this problem will be more challenging than solving the balance problem alone (this is not to say that balance skills and soul binding are simple). I am also not sure about choosing a covenant, because you also want to see it as a problem to Buy WOW Classic Gold be solved, because this is a situation where players decide what they want without considering the "best" situation. However, without more data, it is impossible to determine which situation is correct.

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