The map is smaller than many farming areas

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Forgotten Temple, Upper Curast (Act 3)One of the most popular methods of farming is to find a compact zone with easy-to-find treasures D2R Ladder Items. You can then end the game, and then start repeatedly. The more exclusive and distinctive units have the highest chance of success. In this scenario, take advantage of a mercenary and head to for the Forgotten Temple.

The map is smaller than many farming areas, but it's a benefit of the zone. It's simple to clear by only one person and every piece of the land is filled with profitable units and treasures. After a run, reset the game to start all over again.

River of Flame (Act 4)Moving onto Act 4, there aren't numerous waypoints throughout the area. That makes establishing farming location preferences a little more difficult. Therefore, the majority of players go to The River of Flame as both the gold mine and the chance to test whether their characters have what it takes to withstand some of the most difficult challenges.

River of Flame has clustered monsters and lava that only Barbarian equipped with Leap or an Sorceress with Teleport abilities can use to their advantage. In addition Hephasto, the Armor constantly wants to take out the players Diablo 2 Resurrected Items. If they manage to conquer these obstacles and win, they'll be richly rewarded.