Excavator bucket teeth

Excavator bucket teeth are an important part of excavators,

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Excavator bucket teeth are an important part of excavators, similar to human teeth, and are also wearing parts. They are combined bucket teeth composed of tooth bases and tooth tips, which are connected by pins. Since the worn out part of the bucket teeth is the tooth tip, just replace the tooth tip.

The technological process of bucket teeth: sand casting, forging casting, precision casting. Sand casting: The cost is the lowest, and the technology level and the quality of the bucket teeth are not as good as precision casting and forging casting. Forging and die casting: the highest cost and the best craftsmanship and tooth quality. Precision casting: The cost is moderate but the requirements for raw materials are very strict, and the technology level is relatively high. Due to the ingredients, some precision casting bucket teeth even surpass the forging casting bucket teeth in terms of wear resistance and quality. Precision casting bucket teeth is the mainstream manufacturing process for bucket teeth on the market.