Carpet Tile Designs for Your Office That Are Fun and Exciting

Returning to the office may prompt thoughts of a quick spring cleaning, and a well-organized and clean office always makes a good first impression on visitors

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Returning to the office may prompt thoughts of a quick spring cleaning, and a well-organized and clean office always makes a good first impression on visitors. Consider going a step further and replacing some of the old fixtures and fittings, which may include your flooring, to make your home more modern. You need to look for some inspiration if this describes your situation.



In recent years, office tile carpeting has, without a doubt, advanced significantly. Although its construction and installation have become more advanced, the designs have also advanced. However, if you want something truly unique, you may need to take the initiative and design it yourself. One of our sales consultants can certainly assist you in this process, but you'll want to incorporate elements of your own office culture into the design....

Are you at a loss for what to do? Why not take a look at one of these?


Two-Color Verification -Despite the fact that it is a classic, the large squares serve to open up the space. Depending on your color scheme, you can make these tiles say whatever you want, from playful to dramatic. By moving away from black and white, the pattern is more contemporary while still remaining adaptable enough to work with virtually any seating arrangement - and any wall color.

Broken Checks - This hardly has the same impact in the picture as it will have if it covers the entire floor of your office building. This broken check pattern results in a diamond and wave pattern that is anything but boring. You can achieve the same effect by using two solid colors or a brown base with a contrasting pattern, as shown here.

Disintegration - The aerial view of this pattern encapsulates everything about it. Carpeting squares can be created in a triangle pattern, as shown, or from a checkerboard pattern of different colors and patterns. In either case, as you move into a corner, progressively smaller triangles are cut to add deeper layers to the pattern as you go around the corner. Take the approach of placing your largest pieces at the heart of the room, then allowing the pieces to fragment as you move to the perimeter. Whatever route you take, it is certain to please your employees – as well as any visiting clients.

The use of two colors to create muted contrast does not imply that your carpeting should be monotone or uninteresting in any way. By straying from the traditional checkerboard pattern, you can add some interest. Make use of longer, contrasting lines, such as those shown here. Large pieces of color can be used because of the large space available, but you can always shorten it to fit the size of your office. The muted colors work well together in this setting, which is beneficial if you're not quite ready to take risks.

The use of multi-colored squares can be used to cover an open office space or to simply accent a reception area. Hotel carpet flooring squares make it simple and affordable to experiment with different shades of color. Use as many or as few colors as you want, but keep in mind that anything too vibrant paired with anything too pale may cause dizziness in the eyes. Even better, if you use this color scheme, you won't be able to tell that the reception couch is bare and unadorned.

In Your Own Words - While this type of design differs from the more traditional Multi-Coloured Square theme described above, it is based on the same fundamental concept. It incorporates more than one color, as well as a few accent shades, into the design. However, unlike other patterns, you are free to experiment with this one in any way you see fit. For example, as you can see, patterns like this do not necessitate the use of heavy, cluttered furniture, allowing you to keep the rest of your office space as simple as you want it.

Even if you are unable to afford custom Nylon Carpet Flooring tiles for your entire office, you can experiment with pattern by incorporating a few notable pieces here and there throughout the space. Have a good time experimenting with stripes and even just the different grain directions. Whenever you're trying to create a textural effect, try to keep the color palette as neutral as possible; otherwise, viewers won't notice the subtle differences in grain texture.

Break Area Accent - Using color to draw attention to specific areas, such as underneath the lunch table, can help to draw attention to a space in general. For example, if you are carpeting your entire office, you can achieve similar patches of color by breaking up an overall neutral color scheme with pattern plays in the areas where you need them most. This concept can be carried throughout your office by breaking out into a little color song whenever the mood strikes you.

Nothing says you can't have a neutral-colored office carpet with a few splotches of color in random places to break up the monotony of the space. In fact, as this photograph demonstrates, there is absolutely nothing monotonous about it. Accents can be created using your company colors, or a brighter color can be used in conjunction with neutral accent squares to create a striking effect.

Shades and sizes - This pattern works well with soft accent colors as well, though not in a full square pattern like the previous one. This pattern can be customized in any way you desire, but sticking to a single repeat that is broken up or changed every now and then will add a great deal of depth to colors that are otherwise neutral. In addition to the classic parquet feel that comes through in the grain of the wholesale pp carpet tiles squares, this design has a number of other appealing features.

This carpeting pattern, which is similar to Shades and Sizes above, is laid out diagonally across the room to create a striking focal point. This has the effect of visually lengthening the space, which can be extremely beneficial in small offices. The accents draw attention to themselves and direct the viewer's gaze to the far wall, or whatever you choose to place in front of it.

While this pattern requires a little more effort to install in small spaces, if your office is large enough, you can use the same concept by grouping a few squares of the same color together to create a parallelogram pattern. Even though the example uses many different colors, if you have a larger space, you may want to limit the number of colors used. In any case, make sure you are working in a sterile white space otherwise your office may become too crowded to function properly.

Confusion - Let's say you decide to stick with a neutral color and run the grain of the wood throughout your office in the same direction. That doesn't preclude you from having a little fun with your floors, though. Why not consider a few quirks, such as this one, to demonstrate your sense of humor?