Animal Crossing fans are arguing about "space bread"

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Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons major winter update is the reason for the November celebrations, because the new fur selection means that some players can change their outfits in the game. However, the issue that was originally intended to be included in the life simulator caused controversy, especially when non-black fans began to use proper whitewashing of their hair.

This problem surfaced when the Animal Crossing player on social media incorrectly referred to the new puffs as "space bread". Although this position may be the most controversial example, the discussion about whether non-black players can wear new hairstyles started quickly after Nintendo revealed their initial existence. Now that hair is widely available, the discussion focused on the true meaning of the new option and how fans should call it.

This apparent confusion about the hairstyle prompted some fans to explain that although the puff looks like a bun, if you zoom in, you will notice that the texture of the new dose is different from the standard option. Some people went even further and noticed that Animal Crossing has actually portrayed things like space bread in games like Pocket Camp, and they don't look like the new puffs in New Horizons.

For some black fans, this is a tiring problem, partly because the series took a long time to recognize this part of the user base. On the whole, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is better than the Animal Crossing Bells previous iteration, which forces players who want to have dark skin in the game to tan their characters for several hours, even if they don’t wear a mask, just to play Describe yourself in

Someone said: "My villager can be me now. I like that person very much, but it took so long. I can hardly even praise Nintendo for joining it now, and when I and many other people only a few years ago When it’s needed. The threshold of representation is so low and frustrating that the company praises what it should include from the beginning; that we celebrate our hair as a “victory” or a black character rather than a stereotype Innovation."

On social media, reactionaries used this opportunity to solve this problem, often posting photos of white characters with black puffs. There are different opinions on this phenomenon. Some black players claim that they have no problems and do not care what other fans are wearing in the game. Polygon players who spoke about this story admitted that they may not necessarily control what other people do. The underlying problem is that by calling them "space bread", fans can eliminate hard-won and overdue content in the game.

In fact, I feel that I have made a big fuss. This is a very small problem, not even a problem. It's just that some people are looking at this with colored glasses. From another perspective, it is a bit racist, and I feel that these people are really boring. Just don't watch if you don't like it

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