Sun Classic operates various communities to ensure that players

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With respect to the various differences from the first version, the developers note faster pumping SUN Classic Heim, changes in graphics and system settings along with improved performance of graphics, user interface and UX.

When it launches, SUN Classic will be available in five languages: Simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English. After that, Webzen plans to expand the service into Southeast Asia and other regions.

A game similar to MU Online with great success in the past, Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN) is set to be revived by Webzen and will be launching a new Classic version for gamers from all over the world.

Once a blockbuster of Webzen until 2007, NPT officially announced the revival of the SUN Classic project - an upgraded version of its PC for world-wide servers and unlimited regions. Based on the classic gameplay of SUN, SUN Classic will bring back memories for gamers of fast slashing and plow games, customizing the characters of the past but running on the most improved graphics platform.

Returning to the familiar plot, SUN Classic will bring players on the planet of Brakion in the Geist Empire, under the dictatorship of the emperor "Immortal" throughout 500 years buy SUN Classic Heim. With the help of magic that turns Ether's resources into dark energy, forming an army that is powerful enough to take over all over the world.