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Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.

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Ding best

Hello everyone! Only yesterday I got a complete Guthans set and RuneScape gold has been pwning that the dags and all living things as it a wierd thoguht raced through my head... I want to get to 99 cooking and fishing!!! You know those parties where everyone is cheering for you and the screen is filled with colorful writing all stating gratz on 99 [insert skill ] nearly providing you a seasure?

Well I've decided... I'd like that!!! So a couple questions here... I will put them out as readily as I could... If you could copy and paste it kind of like a questionare that will be great. What does purchasing Guthans need to do with fishing and/or cooking? You can make money to fix Guthans by fishing sharks or monkfish. What would I want to do in order to reach lvl 99 fishing from lvl 83 at the shortest period of time?

What would I want to do to reach lvl 99 cooking out of lvl 83 at the shortest amount of time? In terms of cooking, making wine or cooking sharks is the fastest. N/A. Would you like me to stop? N/A. Can you attend my lvl 99 party for both cooking and fishing? Of course. If not then which you? N/A. Yes? Bye! BAI! Have fun, and best of luck.

I'm now 4 summoning, but I want to remedy this, hopefully getting to cheap OSRS gold 40 or 52, for the BoB and Run Energy abilities of this Bull Ant and Spirit Terrorbird. (However, I am only 83 battle, which could somewhat limit my capacities.) Is it realistic to expect for 52?

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