What do you believe to be cut content/missing beyond gyroids?

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Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.

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Oking recopies have been Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells datamined so that I think that it's a pretty safe assumption. Especially since everything else we've been given was also in the same datamine.If veggies are any sign there should be clothing since well.Might be a new way to Generate money also, harvest Moon style

I've always felt brewster made sense as part of a winter update, personally. Like, they might have him sell hot chocolate along with coffee.He did already did this (sell hot chocolate) on Valentine's Day at New Leaf.Sure, it is possible to drink coffee and hot chocolate, but I guess that's a fantastic utilization of those veggies that're allegedly going to be added in a future update.Maaaaybe, together with the doughnuts and sandwiches, the vegetables and these will come into play, too, because I am jealous Lionel can considerably on a doughnut and that I can not. Doughnuts are delicious Lionel, that is why you share with friends. Please.

I expected Brewster for collapse but I could see them attracting him for the new year or perhaps Spring?Love how they casually announce the farming agency which has been datamined months ago

Damn what do you men want from this match? I'm stoked for the time changes and activities.I believe part of the issue here is that AC came out just like a week following the quarantines began in the majority of the world, everybody crushed through a hundred hours in their Island since they had been at home and immediately rushed out of things to do.Ours in the old games. There really is not -that- much different/missing from NH.

I am one of those people. Got tired of the game about 150 hours. Too too much friction with the crafting system, an excessive amount of content cut to be trickled later in updates, and too much of the character of prior payments is gone. I enjoyed the string for the simulation components more than the personalization, and NH was clearly not made for players like me.

What do you believe to be cut content/missing beyond gyroids?

And 150 hours is a lot. - I really don't mean to be an ass, it is just difficult to fathom someone placing significantly more time in preceding entries for reasons beyond it was just a cheap Animal Crossing Bells fresher experience in the moment, or other circumstances.