Thinking about the name "Warcraft"

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Posted 9 months ago in Gaming.

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Current classic server is classic age. It's deliberately stuck on wow classic tbc gold the Naxx patch. TBC is an progress server. It's in phase 2 that includes T5 content. Though it's still not made public, we'll surely progress to Wrath at some point from TBC.

There's currently TBC Classic and Classic Era (Vanilla). They are distinct clients. Currently, creating a character in one will not make it available in the other. You are stuck on the version that you started with.

The initial transition from Vanilla -> TBC was dealt with in the way that they updated the "Classic" client to TBC and then added "Classic Era" as an option for download. All characters were transferred to "Classic Era" as well as both "current" and "Classic Era" versions were disabled. The next step was to choose which version you wanted to activate. This would stop you from using the other copy (the majority of the characters were activated with only the TBC version).

Thinking about the name "Warcraft" We haven't seen that much in the vanilla version and TBC. Plain wars between alliances and hordes, aside from battlegrounds, there's any action.

What if Blizzard didn't release TBC and instead launched an expansion based on the foundations built in vanilla? Foundations such as cheap wow tbc gold neutral pvp zones and battlegrounds, a chat channel that was named "LocalDefense" (I needed login because I did not know how the channel was named exactly) and factions, and so on.