POE 1.43 improved version full patch overview (PS4, Xbox, PC)

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Posted 3 years ago in Natural.

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   Fixed a bug that prevented small cluster POE Orbs passive devices from being saved in specific jewelry slots.
   Client crashes no longer occur in the Library area.
   "Favorite map" selection has been redone. If you have marked the map on the atlas, press "Square" to bookmark the map.
   The main task is now available for selection on the map device.
   It is imperative that due to the various technical conditions of the family, errors with instant skills bound to "X" will not be improved by this patch.

At the same time, Delirium has also made the following improvements:
   When the Delirium encounter ends, Simulacrum Splinters and POE Currency will fall to the ground.
   The visibility of the effect under the fog is improved because the visual effect of the Delirium fog is improved.
   You can use the Delirium Death Corrector to mark the colored lights corresponding to monsters and backpacks, so that the type of damage caused by their skills will be more clearly displayed.
   The following monsters with the Delirium modifier have been added with a visual identifier to more clearly display their death modifiers: Spatial Distortion, Cascading Storm, Banishing Flame, Winter Whorl, Crushing Terror, Spawn Dead, and Shatter Dead and Putrify Dead.
   The use of the telegram by monsters can be improved with the Shockbomb and Bolt Cross Delirium modifiers.
The Revenge Blast modifier now creates explosions with flame damage (instead of cold damage), and Flameblast's telegram has been improved.
   The effect of Vengeance Skyfire Meteor has been updated.
The effects and audio of the Broken Terror telegram and shock have been updated.
   Vengeance's Soul Mortar ability has been added with a ground target mark.
   Homecoming cooked volatile monsters and the ground objects that created them have been added red.
   When a monster with the Vengeance Stalker modifier explodes, it is no longer the target.
   Use the Vengeance Skyfire modifier to make it easier for you to create tighter-gathered Firestorm effects.
   The frequency of Spawn Dead, Shatter Dead, and Putrify Dead Delirium modifiers appearing on monsters has been reduced.
   A rare bug has been improved and Delirium rewards (POE Chaos Orb, POE Orbs , POE Items, etc.) may be left in an inaccessible location due to the bug.
   When using Intimidation to Cry, the Cry Wolf Cluster Jewel cannot display "War Count is 10 Enemies Nearby". Rest assured, this bug has also been improved.
   The Fury Hound Monster in Simulacrum can sometimes become invincible, this error has been improved.
   The bug that Delirium unique items and cluster decorations could not drop in the correct item level in Simulacrum was fixed.
   Fixed the following error: if you have been downgraded to a level below the slot gem's requirements, the "cluster gems" will not be disabled.
   The Ascent bug using the Delirium environment was successfully fixed.

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