How to Make Gold in Elder Scrolls Online

It will require patience and time to get the appropriate skills to start crafting valuable items. When you do get the required skills though you can make a lot of money with this method.

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When it comes to the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), the question most often asked by new players — and even some seasoned ones — is “What is the best way to make ESO Gold ?” As we get closer to the release of Elsweyr, that will undoubtedly be asked more and more.

Gathering materials

The first way to make gold quickly is to gather materials that can either be used for crafting or sold for gold. Now, one of my favorite spots is Bal Foyen. Bal Foyen is very rich when it comes to materials, meaning you have the opportunity to make a good profit. The best spot within Bal Foyen is northeast of the Dhalmora shrine, close to the docks.

Other spots you might want to check out are Stormhaven and Craglorn.

As for materials themselves, the materials that drop will be affected by your level and the skill points you invested on CP – crafting professions. Simply put, the higher your level and skill points on CP, the more often you’ll find high-level nodes.

Ideal build

If you plan on gathering materials, then you’d do well to consider getting a build that helps you gather items more quickly.

This build was specially designed to help players do resource nodes and treasure chests at a much faster rate. And, as a plus, you’ll walk, sprint and cloak much faster. With this setup and the perfect location for gathering, you’ll get about 70k gold per hour! Granted, you are not farming gold directly, but the materials you gather can be refined and then sold for a great price.

Now, you don’t necessarily need the build I just showed you. You can change it up, as long as you end up with a build which allows you to gather items more quickly, move at maximum speed, has a good stealth bonus and allows you to easily avoid fights, whilst giving you medium protection all the while.

Buy low, sell high

Put on your trader hat and get ready to haggle and bargain. OK, so you don’t need the hat, but still… it looks cool. Anyway, the idea here is to check out the stalls to find items that players are selling below their global worth and buy them. Once you do, you can then head down to your Guild trader and resell for a higher price.

Now, there will always be a 8% fee applied to the items you sell, so base your price with that in mind. To take full advantage of this method, you’ll need to explore different Guild trader shops, as some are wealthier and possess a richer stock of items. So, the more prestigious the guild, the better the odds of finding valuable and rare items that can be sold off somewhere else for a better price.


Crafting is a very lucrative way of making money but not really for new players.

It will require patience and time to get the appropriate skills to start crafting valuable items. When you do get the required skills though you can make a lot of money with this method.

Items that sell really well and reliably include common used sets like as well as Alchemy potions. For a list of the best selling Alchemy Potions take a look at my

Embracing the criminal life

Like I mentioned above, in order to make furniture, you need recipes. Most players, myself included, find that stealing and even murdering are the quickest ways to get what we want. There is so much to be found in other’s pockets and it’s all just sitting there, waiting for us to take it. So tempting.

But the crime also needs to be done properly. You can’t just break your way in – you need a degree of elegance in your methods. You need to remain in stealth mode as often as possible, otherwise guards will come after you, either to charge you a fine or to kill you.

There are many different ways of Farming ESO Gold and ESO Crates . Use those that match your playing style to increase the pleasure of earning. Be patient and try to mix a few ways of earning to constantly increase profits. If you can't be bothered however you can always buy eso gold from . Doesn't matter if you are a Templar, Nightblade, Sorcerer, Warden, Dragonknight or Necromancer - we got you covered.