Madden 21: 5 reasons you should pay attention to the next version

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All things considered, it has been a difficult year to become a Madden fan. The franchise model has not yet been developed, and there were no changes until November, and these are just scratches to repair the functional defects. Since its release, the game has always had vulnerabilities, and each patch seems to break other features of the game. For brands, this is not the ideal environment for entering the next generation. If you are also a player of Madden 21, perhaps Buy Madden 21 Coins can enhance your experience.

The next phase of Madden 21 will come. You may be a little worried about these five reasons.

The current version is in trouble
If there is a problem that EA cannot provide the functional version of Madden 21 on the current system (although only some obvious changes have been made to the traditional structure), do we expect to play this game on brand new hardware? Normally, this road is very early. Considering the similar situation we have seen in the PS4 and Xbox One X versions, it is wise to expect similar issues.

Development on the new console during the pandemic
The pandemic has affected almost everything on earth, and game development is no exception. But because of the pandemic, it can no longer be an excuse for incomplete game development.

The team is still working to clean up the problems of the current generation
As mentioned above, EA is still trying to resolve the bugs in the current version. At the same time, it is less than 60 days before the next-generation game is released. It seems reasonable to assume that the resources used to extinguish the current fires may divert attention to eliminate potential early problems related to the next generation of Madden.

The first year on the new console can produce a barebones release title
Saying everything I said above will not be a problem, and although the game is unlikely, it can be released smoothly; at least from the point of view of critics, we still have the opportunity to see this in the game. The function of reducing the ratio function. As long as the mode is working properly, the final team staff will be fine. As long as the whale pays billions of dollars to the micro-transaction system, EA will brag about financial success.

However, we understand that there is a difference between financial success and critical success in the era of microtransactions. If bad games create an environment that encourages gamers to spend to acquire digital assets, then it can be profitable.

We haven't seen the player's face
Visual effects are always the main selling point of new game consoles, and many of the values ??associated with this are related to the faces of players. Well, we haven't seen it yet. All we saw was the return of Tom Brady and DeVante Adams. This makes me wonder if they are confident in their work in this important area-at least when it comes to the amazing factors.

Hope EA proves that I am completely wrong on all five points of concern. So far, players can still look forward to the next stage of Madden 21, at least it will be improved over the current version. If you buy Cheap MUT 21 Coins, it will directly enhance the player's strength in the game.