Games Like 2k Aren't Completely Unacceptable

Games Like 2k Aren't Completely Unacceptable

Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.

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I believe MT 2K20 when it comes to playing play today, my team, or I suppose my livelihood. The animations are too slow, some players do not move as fast as they can do in real life, and the missing multiple broad open 3s in a row is fucking dumb you shouldn't have to green to produce the shot, even if it's gonna be like this make it simpler to green, pg,dame,Kyrie, ect players that shoot 3s ought to have the ability to make broad open 3s. The layups are incredibly slow, and you get blocked a lot no matter how good the player is at finishing in life.

Better ai. Cant count the times I've jumped right into a down to the wire game to find the most stupid lineups on the floor. Dwight Howard pg Harden on the bench, around the floor with no LBJ or AD but will check in with like 5 seconds left when being down by more than 10. Teams out calling it the play afterwards calling time. Waiting ages then chucking up some shot. Putting the play star player then that player only tries 5 shots in a match. Small things like that sourer the game.

Would like some type of commerce mechanic. You are never going to see trades with celebrities like we do in the NBA. Could be like some sort of pleasure feature where maybe a star player is not pleased with the teams triumph like state KAT, could be cool to see Twolves provide him and see exactly what they could get. Or a participant openly says they wish to maneuver could be like a bidding war to get him. Or if you can get them onto the team a participant wants to team up with another participant eg PG & Kawhi and wants to see.

What I really wish for is for many of us in the community that maintain filling the pockets of these greed filled people who make games these days purely for gain and instead of the love for the industry like matches used to be, to put there foot down once in a while instead of just accept and believe that games like 2k aren't completely unacceptable and must be help accountable to generate a quality product in return for all the money we throw at them for a few sickening reason. This isn't just trying to troll everybody who reads this needs to think back if they had the most fun playing some of their favorite games and ask yourself is what we are getting for games on par or superior concerning gameplay.How to buy 2K20 gold? Buy MT 2K20 from with good service and fast delivery.