It is crucial for Madden players to get Captain Tokens

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Posted 3 years ago in Sport.

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Because of many factors, the start of Madden 21 does not look smooth. However, thanks to the growing player base over the years, Madden players are still very willing to spend time and energy on it. And players also invested a lot of MUT 21 Coins to improve their lineup configuration to get more victories in the game. Now many players have found ways to obtain Captain Tokens.

Both novice players and veteran players who have been playing in Madden for several years should know that the first thing they need to do is to obtain the Captain Tokens in Madden 21 from many different places. But each series can only use three. Therefore, once they have three, don’t waste Madden Coins in unnecessary places.

If they have enough patience and can handle the task, then the best and cheapest way to get the captain token is to complete the task. All the initial challenges in Rivalz should be very easy to complete for most players. When players use their team to complete 16 team builder challenges, they can get the second Madden 21 Team Captain Token. It is time-consuming, but still very easy to complete.

The last one to get for free, and possibly the most difficult one, is to complete any team diamond suit. For this, players must need three team diamonds to complete the set and obtain tokens. However, they can only use up to three for each series, so if you want to avoid having to get three team diamonds, please consider using these other options to get the third captain mark for series 1.

In the fierce and complex Madden game, players not only need a powerful team to help them continue to win but also need to Buy MUT 21 Coins at GameMS.