Where to Buy League of Legends x Nike

Where to Buy League of Legends x Nike

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In order to welcome the Where to Buy Yeezy Boost World Championship that will be at the end of this month, Nike has released a series of shoes and clothing designed specifically for gamers. From pixel-style Nike shoes and apparel to the special Air Jordan 1, there are also 4 Chinese "League of Legends" teams including Top Esports, JD Gaming, Suning and LGD team uniforms, as well as a full set of casual clothing, which are hardcore Game players and enthusiasts provide special e-sports items. Although Jordan Brand only has a pair of Air Jordan 1 High Zoom to participate in this collaboration, it can be said to be the most eye-catching in this series. Mainly white, supplemented by black and iridescent colors, with highly visible reflective purple embellishment. It is said to be inspired by the "League of Legends" championship trophy, with a recessed Nike Swoosh, which embellishes the Summoner on the tongue. Rift summons the canyon map.

In May of this year, Buy Jordan Soles new color schemes "Core" and "Soot" have been exposed. After waiting for nearly four months, these two shoes that aroused hot discussion at the time finally ushered in the official sale. adidas YEEZY SLIDE is designed by Kanye West and manufactured by adidas. Adidas YEEZY SLIDE is a typical representative of Kanye West's minimalist aesthetics. There is almost no brand label. There is a small adidas three-line stripe logo engraved on the insole, which is the only appearance. A place where the brand can be seen makes people focus on the shape of the silhouette itself. YEEZY SLIDE is made of EVA foam. The inside of the shoe has a very soft touch, and the outsole is the core topic of this sneaker. The well-designed grooves provide the best grip and support, and show jagged The wavy appearance, Black Friday Ray-Ban Sunglasses is different from any products created by Kanye West in the past, makes this pair of slippers extremely light and durable, and finished with a smooth matte appearance.

In July of this year, skateboarder Erik Arteaga used the annual blockbuster Cheap Jordans 2020 to skate on the skatepark, which aroused heated discussion. In fact, Erik Arteaga has always made extremely rare sneakers practical, but now it’s the unsold version of Off-White™ x Air Jordan 4 "Bred" that has been coveted by many shoe fans.