POE Heist with a variety of new gameplay will bring players a new game experience

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Posted 3 years ago in Sport.

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In the new league information announced by the POE game team on September 1, players have seen many interesting things that have never been seen before and are full of expectations for the new league. They should also not forget to use the last time to accumulate more POE Currency for them to use in the new league through the Harvest mechanism.

It means that more and more people can download POE for free to experience various interesting things. In Heist, players need to choose the right savvy thieves to help them steal valuable items which will provide their team members with activity funds when they plan to build larger Grand Heists.

Those players who can successfully create Grand Heists will get an astonishing amount of rare items and gems or powerful weapons. Path of Exile has added a new area called Rogue Harbor, where players and their thieves will make action plans. Players can sign contracts with up to 13 rogue characters. It is very important for the team members to divide their responsibilities so they can rob as quickly as possible.

A successful robbery requires a high-quality action plan. They can complete the contract to provide clues about what they need to know about the artifacts they want to steal and how to protect them. During the whole robbery process, it is best for players not to over-attract the attention of the guards and do not trigger the alarm because it will cause a lot of guards to arrest the players. Once they captured the players, the items they had stolen and all the efforts they had made before the action disappeared. They can Buy POE Chaos Orb and POE Items first and then buy some items that will help the robbery. The chances of a successful robbery will be higher.