The new EA hockey title NHL 21 is on the way

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The new EA hockey title NHL 21 is on the way, as the trailer arrived and fans can now pre-order the game. There will be three versions as with most EA Sports titles and each brings a different price or bonus content. In addition, the non-Standard versions of the game will allow gamers early access to play. Here are the latest NHL 21 pre-order details.

The Standard Edition is as you would expect. It costs $59.99, or $53.99 for EA Play members. A pre-order will get you two HUT Diamond Player Choice Packs, an XP Boost and Bonus Trait/Specialization Points for Be A Pro, and and one World of Chel Hockey Bag.

There are two other editions that bring more extras including the ability to play earlier than widespread launch date. They are the Deluxe and Great Eight Edition of the NHL 21 game. Here are the two covers, which both feature NHL 21 cover star Alex Ovechkin, just like the Standard. The Deluxe Edition is the next step up from Standard and has a price of $79.99 regular or $71.99 for EA Play members. While it has a release date listed for Oct. 16, a pre-order allows three days early access to the game, beginning on Oct. 13.

The Great Eight Edition is the top of the line version. The NHL 21 pre-order for this edition is now available and has a regular price of $99.99. EA Play members can pre-order for $10 off at $89.99 with their membership. If you need Buy NHL 21 Coins, you can visit our site

If you are a dedicated HUT player, then the Great Eight Edition is definitely the one for you. Not only do you get some seriously awesome extras, but you also get a head start on grinding out rewards. However, if you are mostly an offline player then $40 is a lot to pay for early access. Those that focus on single player modes are best served by the Standard Edition.

 NHL 21 will be available to play on the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. However, it will be through the game’s forward compatibility. That means playing the current-gen version of the game on the new consoles. Unfortunately, there won’t be a next-gen version of NHL 21 like EA’s Madden 21 and FIFA 21 will have.

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