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Additionally, if you're playing melzar's maze to find one part of the map towards crandor, it'd be wise to secure that Demon (80and cb) with mage. So bring along around a 100 chaos runes with an air staff RuneScape Gold, as well as elemental runes. You can also bring 150ish mind runes. air staff and the best elemental runes that you can make use of.

If you're using mindrunes ensure you use at least to use the spell fire strike, as lower ones could have lower damage than the lesser demon's hp regen rate. I wasn't sure what i was up against so i had to take on it while i was going through the quest. It was actually harder than the boss fight against elvarg.

So, I met a frnd of mine today, who's 88 cb like me. He's got claws. Barrows AGS, claws, etc.. And for god's sake, he offered 60m to a frnd earlier in the day. He also told me that they made it all from bandos in Gwd along with random individuals who he has met there. So I'd like to get advice suggestions on gear and such. Also are there any requirements for GWD? These are my stats. I plan on meleeing.

I put 20k into wildy today and got 800k in loot. But I'd still prefer that your gear does not exceed 2mil. To be honest , your is a bit low to go to Bandos but wait until at least 80+ each combat statistic. My friend has nearly the same stats as I do.. I really wanna try it. As a level 134 player myself and having had the experience, you'll experience a crash and a wreck. to crash wherever you go.

Do it! Eadgars Ruse for Trollheim teleport, and seriously take at least 70 defenceand be ready to crash within 5 minutes each time, everywhere and every team. hmm, il lvl def for torags. And i don't see how it could be the case, my girlfriend wouldn't be able to have that amount of cash. Perhaps you've thought about whether or not your friend's lie? LOOL and so true. Does this friend possibly say which level of combat in the time she made this money Buy RS 2007 Gold? This is a typical response to all 3.