NBA 2K21's increased price is being billed as a sign of its quality

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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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NBA 2K21 publisher Take-Two Interactive has defended its decision to charge $ 10 / £ 10 more for games on the PlayStation and Xbox 5 Series X. Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick told that the increase was designed to "reflect the quality of experience" and that it is 'a very modest price changes given that the price does not change for a very long time'.

"We're just talking to ourselves," he said. "Obviously, we do not speak for the industry and the industry is naturally not coordinate on this, to say the least. Pricing that has to reflect the quality of the experience, and we aim to provide the best experience in the business."

With respect to Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two employees, as well as NBA 2K21 teams, we do not believe that the price of next-gen NBA 2K21 justify this statement. In fact, there are things about this Zelnick choice of words really alarming. If you need Buy NBA 2K21 VC Boosting, you can visit our site

To be clear, this is not an argument against whether or not there is finally to be $ 70 games. While I tend to side with the former executive PlayStation Shawn Layden who said that the best way to combat the rising cost of game may be to focus on a smaller title, the reality is that the bigger the game will ultimately be more costly for purchase.This also isn ' t indictment of NBA 2K21 for PlayStation and Xbox 5 Series X. While NBA 2K20 is a bit of a mixed bag in the minds of many fans, it is very unlikely that NBA 2K21 will help turn things around.

The real problem here is with the idea that Take-Two and NBA 2K21 developer Visual Concepts somehow seems to know something about the next-gen game that eludes other video game studio. Which is what seems to Zelnick imply by saying that "it is easy to say that when you give exceptional quality," and that's exactly what seems to imply when he said this about the decision Ubisoft not to raise prices AAA games at the start of next-generation video next game.

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