NBA 2K21 Is Officially Well Behind Schedule With Its Release Of Info

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Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.

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For many years, it has been known that 2K will release information about the upcoming NBA 2K version in August. Whether the role of NBA 2K21 MT is still the same as before, we have no way of knowing. It felt like it was at the last minute. From a sales perspective, it is difficult to argue with their results, as the game has sold 10 million units per year in the past few years.

This year has been a strange year in almost every aspect, so the delay is understandable. The coronavirus has caused severe damage worldwide. For a while, 2K developers were greatly affected and they had to work from home.

According to the recent "Ask Me Anything" with game producer Mike Wang, 2K developers have used all the necessary tools during all the weeks preparing for NBA 2K21.

However, there seems to be some reasons for the delay. If all the features of COVID-19 are behind, it would not be a bad idea to disclose this information, and it is unlikely to give the impression of a vulnerability. It's not difficult to see that fans are late for games that 2K hopes they will pay in advance (if not already paid) in the next few weeks.

In 2019, we saw the screenshot on July 15. With the exception of Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, which was released earlier this week, we have not seen real screenshots of the current version.

The NBA 2K21 soundtrack conference was held on July 27th. Last year, the soundtrack information for NBA 2K20 was also released on July 20. MyGM/MyLeague blog is usually the main content in the early stage of 2K information decline. In 2019, it was released on July 29. For NBA 2K21, we haven't seen it yet, but fans can still 2K21 MT For Sale to get favorite star roles.