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Bottled water provides a superior form of hydration.

When you are drinking a bottled water product, then you are consuming something that your body naturally wants when you feel thirsty. The reality of personal care in the United States and other developed countries is that 75% of the general population remains voluntarily dehydrated every day. If you have a portable water product that can go with you to any location, then it is easier to meet the needs of your body.

Bottled water is a product of convenience.

Whether you choose to use your own bottle or container to bring water with you during the day or you purchase one from a store, you can take this beverage with you almost anywhere. You might be working out or practicing somewhere that doesn’t offer a source of water when you become thirsty. Most offices will allow you to keep bottled water at your desk so that you can take care of your personal needs.

Bottled water can store for a long time.

If you have an unopened bottle of water, then you can usually store it indefinitely. The only requirement to meet when trying to use this advantage is that you keep it in the correct environment. Even if you decide to follow the shelf life requirements of the manufacturer for this product, you’re still going to get 1-2 years of storage from the product.

Bottled water has a better flavor to it.

One of the primary reasons why many consumers purchase bottled water over using what they have at the tap is because of the flavor profile they receive. Some tap water can receive high levels of chlorination to ensure that it is safe to use, which can leave a funny taste and a smell when pouring yourself a glass to drink. Most commercial products do not have this concern.

Although you could purchase a filter at home to create your own bottled water from the tap (which is basically what some companies do to sell branded water), the convenience of picking up a bottle when you feel thirsty is what helps to drive the industry forward.

Bottled water is guaranteed to be of a specific quality.

When you purchased bottled water products, then you are buying an item that receives full monitoring during the manufacturing cycle. It is strictly regulated to ensure that it is completely free of contaminants that could make you sick. When households don’t have access to tap water that is clean and safe to drink, purchasing bottled items can make sure that any adverse effects from contamination don’t have a chance to settle in to become problematic.

The EPA in the United States sets standards and regulations for the presence or the amount of over 90 potential contaminants in the drinking water, including salmonella, E. coli, and cryptosporidium. You can check with your local utility to see what the latest testing results are for your community. If you are on well water, then you’ll want to have independent testers check on the quality of your water.

Bottled water is a highly regulated product.

Most countries in the world regulate their bottled water supplies. In the United States, the EPA considers this product to be a food item, so it falls under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration. There are specific guidelines in place that require producers to follow Good Manufacturing Practices during the creation of a sellable product, including licensing and monitoring requirements that ensure the quality of the water.

Bottled water offers several different options from which to choose.

If you rely on tap water to quench your thirst, then you have one basic choice for your drinking needs. When you choose to purchase a bottled water product, then there are several more options from which to select. Mineral water is a popular choice, as it comes from an underground source and contains a specific nutrient profile that might not be available with what comes from the faucet. Spring water is another option that producers can collect from the surface.

You can also purchase purified tap water in bottles as a way to take advantage of the convenience of this item without needing to do the extra work at home.

Bottled water does not use up a significant amount of freshwater resources.

The annual production of bottled water represents less than 0.02% of the total ground water withdrawals that occur in the United States each year. Even when a drought occurs in a region water supplies are part of the production chain, it is easy for producers to change their manufacturing processes to lessen their impact on the local supply chain. This product is one small part of the puzzle instead of being the primary driving force behind what we have, so it is essential not to mischaracterize the amount of waste that occurs in the system.

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