The new broken version of MMORPG is one of the best features of Path of Exile

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The new sandbox MMORPG Fractured (PC) is currently undergoing alpha testing. The video will show you the new features there, including the skill system. This reminds people of Path of Exile's "robbing and killing".

The MMORPG sandbox takes place in three worlds, composed of orcs, humans and demons. By selecting people, you can decide whether you just want to be PvE (beasts), or experience PvE in controlled PvP (humans), or rely entirely on PvP (demons). You walk your own path in these worlds, develop your own character, participate in building cities, and then participate in battles and sieges in the PvP world.

Fractured is currently undergoing a new Alpha test and is currently testing a huge talent tree and player city. I agree to display external content. Personal data can be transferred to third-party platforms. Learn more about our privacy policy.

Why is the game reminiscent of Path of Exile? As you can see in the video, the "broken" has a complex talent tree. This is very reminiscent of the popular skill system in Path of Exile. During the game, you will collect so-called knowledge points, which early Alpha testers can use to learn new skills. Now these knowledge points can be converted into talent points. Every time you get 1000 knowledge points, you will get one talent point.

You can unlock a total of 60 talent points and assign them to the talent tree. The system here is similar to the action RPG Path of Exile. Place points as nodes on talents, and then you can unlock more nodes or talents from there. In this way, you can group your heroes together. However, since you only have 60 points in total, you must carefully consider the time spent.

There are also some new features. In the new Alpha, you can now build cities with other players. However, to do this, it is necessary to purchase POE Currency, a rate limiter package or become a rate limiter for the total money in the store. Only then will it be possible to use SpatialOS technology to declare a region on a huge world map, and then build a city in it.

Together with other players, you can build city halls, taverns, magic shops and other buildings. The system will then be expanded in the future, such as using fences and resources near the city you want to demolish. You can participate in Alpha in the following ways: In the store on the Fractured website, you must purchase a Legend Pack for at least EUR 89.99. Then you can visit Alpha and continue playing.

When will the game come out? MMORPG broken games are increasingly taking the form of finished games. Nevertheless, the release will not take place until early 2022. Since Fractured’s release time is still long, you can view other interesting MMORPGs at the same time. Or if you continue to play Path of Exile's current alliance, you can continue to use the Path of Exile Currency and POE Items in your account. So you don't need to feel anxious before the new season.

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