Visit the nearby NPC Phials in general stores

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This is a great method as the transitions between getting bones and RuneScape gold breaking them up are quick and do not require anything. Additionally, you get three and a half times normal experiences that be experienced when you bury your bones. If you'd like to start by using Gilded Altars just follow these steps :

Bring all the bones you'd like sacrificed as a marked item. Get some gold and free slots from the inventory (leave only gold and bones). Travel to the Rimmington (easy method of getting there is to use the Amulet of Glory to tp to Draynor Village). Change the World to 330. This is the official server site in Player Housing.

Visit the nearby NPC Phials in general stores - He'll take note of bones for you at 5 dollars per bone. The House portal is located near the entrance - people will be there announcing various Player Owned Houses. Select one of the names told by people and click on the portal. Utilize the go to friends' house option and type in the chosen name. Find Gilded Altar and place your bones onto it. Make sure that both burners are on.

When you're done, go on to the next portal, delete items and repeat the process. If you run out of energy you can find most of the time replenishment pools within POH which will allow you to replenish your points.

This method can give you the greatest chance of experience per bone when increasing your level of Prayer. You'll need to finish Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, and Ghost Ahoy quests to start using this method. Ectofuntus Temple is located located in northern Port Phasmatys that can be dedicated to by offering sacrifices of bones. When you sacrifice your bones, you'll experience 4 times the normal experience that you receive for burying your bones.

It's a cost-effective option if you are looking to save as much cash as you can while raising your prayer, but it's not always best since it's time-consuming. It only gives a bit more exp as Gilded Altar and takes that long to do and should be completed with the most expensive bone. This is what you will need to cheap OSRS GP do to honor Ectofuntus.