Event challenges can also yield Golden Pumpkins

Event challenges can also yield Golden Pumpkins

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Event challenges can also yield Golden Pumpkins, a free loot container with the intention to incorporate objects from the RL Items Turbo, Nitro, and Vindicator Series. Items from preceding Haunted Hallows activities can be to be had for a limited time inside the Item Shop.

Ghostbusters items, which include the Ecto-1 conflict car and the Stay Puft aim explosion, will come lower back to the Item Shop because the first licensed DLC gadgets to return after Rocket League have become loose to play and started promoting DLC items solely via the in-game shop.

Players who're seeking out greater Ghostbusters-themed gadgets to go together with their newly-obtained Ecto-1 want to complete a handful of challenges for the duration of Rocket League‘s Halloween-themed Haunted Hallows occasion. A extensive range of cosmetics from the liked franchise is to Buy Rocket League Items be had totally free, from Ghostbusters wheels to a special improve.

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