New World 1.2.1 Patch Solves The Problem After The December Update

The New World 1.2.1 patch resets the cooling time of all players' factions.

Posted 8 months ago in Gaming.

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Claus Oliver

Amazon released the New World 1.2.1 patch on December 21. This update focuses on solving the problems that occurred after the release of the New World 1.2 patch. Let's introduce to you the role of this update.

The New World 1.2.1 patch resets the cooling time of all players' factions. This is to create a level playing field for players when the New World servers are merged. In the patch notes for 1.2.1, developers explained: “Once players choose or change a faction the duration of the cooldown will be set to 60 days.”

In a statement earlier recently, devs pointed out the modification "is going to make it possible for collections with lesser populaces post-merge to use activity modes including war and also PVP while our experts pursue a far better service for just how to get all of them to an extra populated world."

New World 1.2.1 patch instructions:

  • Restricted Coin Lockboxes earned from the Tree of Light to players level 15 and above to coincide with when Event Quests are enabled for players. This modification was applied to prevent criminals coming from consistently producing brand-new characters in an attempt to exploit the schedule of the coin.
  • Reduced the number of characters that can be produced per day per account.
  • Fixed an issue that caused potions to drop at multiple gear scores resulting in inventory stacking issues.
  • Fixed an issue causing Azoth balances to certainly not upgrade after fast crafting or even taking a trip.
  • Azoth balances should now adjust to show the amount spent when traveling or crafting.
  • To permit a level playing field for gamers, our team reset the faction cooldown opportunity for all gamers. Once gamers pick or even change a faction the timeframe of the cooldown will be readied to 60 times.

The continuous New World server merges are being done to combat "suboptimal" player encounters, as well as whilst the crew doesn't state it, this is more than likely to deal with dropping and/or reduced player numbers in a server.