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Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.

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jasmyn clinton

A few days after Harvest was released for Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games released some improvements two weeks ago. After the game is improved,  POE Currency can be used as much as possible in the key places that players need.

These improvements come in the form of patch 3.11.1, which has been released recently. The team showed some improvements they wanted to implement for Harvest, including new bonus items dropped from monsters and final bosses.

The color of the plant's growth instrument has been adjusted and improved. This is for players with color blindness to make them easier to identify. Harvest’s other improvements include the following:

    Stairs were added to the area around the Holy Grove Portal to improve its accessibility.
    Increased the number of seeds dropped on the map, especially the middle and rare seeds. Now you can get more seeds from the map at the highest level. Similarly, the probability of seeds falling will increase,But overall the probability of obtaining seeds increases.

The team also improved the last Boss battle in Harvest, including the improvement of combat skills, the new progress percentage of sending telegrams to the next Boss rebirth, and the Boss Debuff icon applies the effect to you.

Not only that, Grinding Gear Games has also fixed some errors, including the error of the icon of the Holy Grove in the world map information panel, the error of the small map icon of Horticrafting Station that can be seen from outside the Holy Forest, and so on. Improve your Harvest skills in POE Items Buy.