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Posted 1 year ago in Gaming.

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The latest Madden 22 patch removed ex-disgraced Former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden from the game. Gruden received criticism and mut coins madden 22 quit as head trainer of the Raiders last month when emails emerged that exposed racist behavior and inappropriate language from the 58-year-old. The emails were the result of conversations between 2011-18.

EA Sports has made a practice of removing any likenesses of players and coaches who were deported or fired as a result of this kind of insanity. It's expected EA will also take down WR Henry Ruggs III in the next update.

It was reported that the Raiders have released Ruggs on Tuesday, after his arrest for DUI in connection with a fatal accident that claimed the lives of a woman and her dog. That update may have to delay until December unless EA decides to have Ruggs removed quicker. Alongside the change to the Raiders' virtual sideline, the patch also changed the beards of Leonard Williams and Tyrann Mathieu.

EA Madden 22 is the latest and one of the most controversial installments in the Madden series. While it's superior to Madden 21 in some aspects such as graphics, the game surely isn't without its flaws. Ever before it was launched, Madden 22 players started experiencing problems regarding the game. Many people believed that EA would fix the issue before the game went on sale globally, but this was not the case.

Some recent issues affecting players include the game freezing during upgrade or development as well as the issue of crashing on Xbox. The issue is that new bugs and glitches are still popping up. That being said it appears Madden 22 users are now having issues with cheap Madden 22 coins the co-op play art is not being displayed.