NBA 2K20 Diamond Player Card for players are under budget and want to strengthen

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Players without the help of top player cards can’t compete with top teams in their own lineups. Some players in the 2K market sell their amethyst player cards and ruby ​​player cards. It is the most correct choice for them to use diamond player cards to reinforce their self-built lineup for most players who limited by their economic level. They can search the cheapest and most useful diamond cards in each position in the auction house to form their full diamond player lineup, which does not cost players lots of NBA 2K20 MT.

Players can choose the diamond version of Jason Terry as their starting point guard. Jason Terry, which sells for less than 10,000 2K20 MT, has an outside scoring ability of 95 points and a super fast speed of 98 points. This card is one of the most cost-effective PG player cards in the auction house. They can choose Donovan Mitchell at 7500 2K20 MT as their team's starting shooting guard. With a 95-point speed, a 92-point three-pointer and a 95-point dunk, Mitchell can score in many ways on the court. Mitchell's basketball action rendering effect is very popular with players. He can complete a violent dunk with the help of Contact Finisher.

After introducing the two defenders, we introduce the three forward guards worth buying. Tony Allen, a slight forward who only costs 8500 2K20 MT, is the top NBA defender. His advantage lies mainly in the overall improvement of the team’s defensive ability rather than offensive ability. Tony Allen, with 97 points perimeter defense and 98 points steal ability, has successfully completed defense tasks against many NBA superstars in the NBA. The regular version of power forward Kevin Durant, priced at 9400 2K20 MT, has become the power forward of choice for players with lower economic levels. The diamond version of Durant is still a strong power forward on the field because of his size advantage and wonderful shooting ability.

Karl Malone, priced at 13950 2K20 MT, is the best choice for players to strengthen the team’s center. Players have a certain ability to compete with top teams after forming this lineup. It is best for them to use Cheap 2K20 MT to train their players more so they can play better in the game. Players can also choose cheap and safe 2K agents to Buy NBA 2K20 MT. Fight now!