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The next stage of MUT's latest promotion is here. Which super athlete will you catch? The NFL combine is over for another year, but it is not over in Madden 20. After the first part of the NFL combo promotion was canceled last Friday, we did not expect to have a second part soon! But EA surprised us again and launched the next step. Compared with EA's promotional players, you can have better choices, because you cannot guarantee that the promotional content is what you need, which confuses the player's purchase. You can choose to Buy Madden Coins at GameMS, which is far lower than the official Price, you will have a wealth of choices.

97 OVR LTD John Rose

The descending title is a 97 OVR John Ross card. The owner of the combine's 40-yard dash record provided ridiculous 99-speed and 99-depth routes. His receiving and other routes are not impressive, but as long as his speed is consistent with his speed score, he will be unstoppable. As an LTD card, this card will be provided in a package in a short time. Anyone who does pull him can put it on the auction house, but you would expect to pay a lot for him.

Last week's release focused on offense, except for this beautiful 97 OVR Deion Sanders master. This one should be defensive. With the outstanding performance of 85 OVRs and more solo challenges, you will be pushed to a free NAT card. The 96 OVR Denzel Ward should also be available. If Amari Cooper can do everything, it will be a solid foundation.

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