That's a Really Unhealthy Attitude About Runescape

That's a Really Unhealthy Attitude About Runescape

Posted 1 year ago in Gaming.

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They polled a new skill but it failed, doesn't mean that they can't add a new ability and have something like that happening, just nothing now. Competition is a great thing for RuneScape and catering to people that have jobs and kids is not a fantastic thing for RuneScape, if they could only make content for the lowest common denominator RuneScape would be very dull. Shit luck for you, that's a really unhealthy attitude about RuneScape Gold  - which because you don't want to engage in content that they need to add, you feel the need to remark a passive aggressive passing on reddit relating to it rather than comment constructively.

The material is really aimed to become wider appealing. We ain't really aiming this to be a super aggressive game mode like we've done previously. It's a fresh take on Old School and another approach to perform, whilst playing less you'll receive less points, each point you earn makes a difference in terms of the rewards you'll be able to get on your primary account. The only real way I can observe this panning out (rather than getting ruined in the surveys ) is if you're bucketed to a group of 50-100 players once you join. If everyone is competing against everybody, just the sweatiest players are going to take home the very best rewards. On the other hand, if you are randomly piled into a tiny subset of the league playing population, you stand a much better chance of coming out on top.

In any event, this idea is going to need a lot of fleshing out and refinement into pass.If the goal isn't meant to be super competitive, why then in the very first paragraph, mention we'll be"in a race to be the first to finish major Old School achievements". That seems quite competitive, imo. You mention a difference being made by the points on the benefits to our mains. That's unbalanced towards streamers. What they make in 1 league, others may possibly take a more, or even year, worth of championships to obtain things are kept. It looks like I'll be a no with this vote. I'll give it a read one particulars are declared and possibly get swayed. But this sounds like a very bad idea.

How would Buy Runescape Gold  you go about making this type of alt? Literally made my first money making alt yesterday and that I don't know what direction to take it. The prerequisites for eels are like 88 fishing if I recall right, and cooking but you don't make money doing it until you've got 99 in both abilities. It is a grind and honestly not worth creating an alt exclusively for IMHO. I'm only doing it while I am focusing on my HCIM because I do it on my primary along with also my main had 99 in both skills. You will make nearly half the gp/hour Should you do it.