NBA 2K21 Badge Wish List: Badges needed by NBA 2K21 nerds

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Giant killer
This badge is one of the keys to most major cuts that dominate NBA 2K20. This means that driving into serious mismatches requires less punishment, and combined with the absurd and strong animation effects that players get while driving in the paint area, which is too powerful in itself. Even if you defeat the daring people, this badge can help them get rid of their mistakes.

Contact Finisher
Contact Finisher is usually used in combination with Giant Slayer, which can make the layup more effective and provide more opportunities for contact dunks, thereby improving traffic conditions. The existence of such badges in the 2K series makes sense, because how many elite finishers play through contact. However, in the game, this badge can make the already overwhelming driving animation more successful, thereby punishing defenders who guess the correct answer from the many driving options that the machete must easily complete.

Although there are many law enforcement officers in the NBA that can make any offense unsustainable, this badge still requires serious work. If you are close, this badge can increase the chance of players missing shots and dunks, if you protect them closely, it is more likely. Although this badge is very effective in defending opponents because it rewards defensive skills and position, the question is how strong the badge is when you are close to you. NBA 2K21 will need to solve a huge problem, which is to make players miss the dunk without making any actual efforts to defend. But with the help of 2K21 MT Coins, those badges may also exert its maximum effect.

Pass fake master
This badge comes from a good place, but it has no effect on NBA 2K20 players. Pass fake masters improve the efficiency and speed of pass forgery. Although this badge is effective for AI, it has nothing to do with players, making it one of the weakest badges. To make this badge fully present in NBA 2K21, this is doubtful. In addition to the badge, we are also very concerned about the existence of the currency in the new version. After all, as the version of the game becomes more difficult, the role of 2K20MT also becomes obvious. Players can Buy NBA 2K20 MT Coins on GameMS. The website’s product security It's cheap.