The color of your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Airport determines the colors you can get in the store

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Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.


Do you want to know why the roof of your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Airport is green, but your friend ’s roof is blue? No, neither do I. But it turns out that this is not just a random appearance. It is strange that the color of your airport roof may affect the color options offered by Nook ’s Cranny and Animal Crossing Bells stores.

For example, I have a blue airport. According to a new hypothesis appearing on Reddit, in theory, this means that my teacup occupants will be black, my Lamposts are green, and my vending machines are gray.

Go further. Other projects also have similar links, so if your Nook store offers lighthouses with blue and white stripes, your swimming pool will have white tiles and the vending machines will be black.

"After many resets and about 8 start-up tasks (until the resident service was upgraded so that I can check the color of the street lights), I realized that I only bought green street lights, and after several resets, I noticed that this happened to other furniture. It was the same on Nook Stop, such as taking a teacup. "They said on reddit.

"After browsing the Nook Stop images of some people, I found that the colors of the furniture are not completely random, they are bundled together, and the color of the street light is locked with the color of the airport, which is why I cannot get the black street light and blue Colored airport. "

In related news, if you ever wanted to know if there was a certain pattern to see the visiting NPC during your animal crossing: the island of New Horizons and when, do n’t think about it again. It turns out that after your favorite visitors appear randomly (not so randomly), an algorithm does exist and the data miner thinks they have solved it.

Ninji told us last week: "So, this is ACNH NPC spawning tea." "Every week you are guaranteed to get Sahara, football and Leif on weekdays (if they meet their criteria, for example, Able Sisters were built.)" This leaves two workday periods, randomly filled by Gulliver, Label, CJ and Flick or Redd. "

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