The 13th patch for NBA 2K20 has been released.

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NBA 2K20 is an analog video game of the NBA 2K series. If you Buy NBA 2K20 MT, players can exchange skins in the game to enhance the team. The NBA 2K20 released the 13th patch a few days ago. In order to implement the patch, the 2K support Twitter account announced earlier on Wednesday that users will experience short downtime when making changes.

It is said that the latest update has been released to address the MyTeam Unlimited vulnerability / fault. This operation forces users to restart and absorb the losses in the MTU, which may cause some people to try to complete the game 12-0 to try to deviate from the track, thus preventing them from getting a fair return.

Secondly, we must wait to see if other aspects of the game have changed. In this release cycle, 2K has neither released patch notes nor released information a few days after the update was released, and lacks the kind of depth we are used to seeing throughout the gaming industry. Since we are very close to the possibility of releasing NBA 2K21 in late summer, it is unclear how many patches will be released for NBA 2K20.

However, due to COVID-19, the real-life NBA season and other influential industries are facing uncertain near-term prospects, so the schedule may change. We should definitely know within a month. Also, if you want to increase your strength in the game and create your own team, you can log in to GameMS. The NBA 2K21 MT sold on this site is safe and reliable and is the first choice for most players.