Derrius Guice faces LSU students in NBA 2K20

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Baton Rouge-LSU basketball team member and former US LSU football team base runner Derrius Guice will participate in the NBA 2K20 tournament called "Tony Chachere's 2020 LSU Tiger Showdown" on May 28-29. NBA 2K20 is the 21st basketball simulation video game in the NBA 2K series and was released on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before September 6, 2019. When you have mastered all the knowledge you should learn, you should focus on the NBA 2K20 MT coin. Similar to other NBK 2K versions, with the great help of NBA 2K20 MT, players can build their own team and enhance their strength.

The tournament ’s single knockout knockout will begin on Thursday, May 28 at around 6pm. CT, the competition will end on Friday, May 29. LSU Athletics ’e-sports software provider Mainline will manage the game, provide video production, and broadcast live Friday ’s semi-finals and final rounds through Twitch. Among the live broadcasts of the game were Tiger's voice Chris Blair and LSU women's basketball coach Nick Fargas.

The winner of the tournament will receive Tony Chachere ’s prize package and the opportunity to go to Tony Chachere ’s live shop for a $ 250 shopping spree and visit Tony Chachere ’s facilities. Esports continues to be popular on and off the LSU campus. Six days after the LSU football team won the national championship in January last year, the three-person team representing LSU defeated Florida in the "Five Player Five Times" e-sports tournament at the Electronic Games Federation (EGF) in New York.

Guice missed his entire rookie season after the ACL was torn, but he participated in five more games in 2019 and then missed the season due to injury. He ran 42 times, ran for 245 yards, scored two touchdowns, and averaged 5.8 yards per game. He also scored 7 passes for a total of 79 yards and scored a touchdown. This time, Derrius Guice faced LSU students to participate in the NBA 2K20, which attracted wide attention and made people look forward to the game. Equally exciting is the upcoming NBA 2K21 MT. Players can  Buy 2K21 MT on GameMS to fully prepare for the new version.