Each port in Runescape can be docked at

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Saying that Farming costs too much is similar to saying Slayer costs hundreds of millions, from looking at the price of Bandos OSRS Fire Cape, Fury, Potions, Cannonballs... and so on. Farming offers a wide range of price/xp ratios, it's very easy to find a method that is within your budget. Personally, I don’t want to earn fast XP from Farming. Because there's no other option but the skillcape and I play rounds of Pineapple trees and Willow trees. And I actually gain more than I lose.

While herbs can bring in a lot of XP, they could also generate a decent profits. Profitable herbs are ones that cannot be botted at Sorceress's Garden. These include Torstol, Spirit Weed and Torstol. In addition, I perform many other things that I can profit from farming, such as purchasing and collecting items to offer on GE.

Unfinished Broad bolts from Sumona and Battlestaffs of Naff Sand from Bert Flax from Geoffrey, Flax form Geoffrey, Flx from Geoffrey and Pure esss from Cromperty are all included.

You can also boost the Kingdom's approval by creating a Spirit Tree on Etceteria. This allows you to sprinkle water on the Dry Patch and farm the bush patch while you are farming. The farming XP rate cannot be calculated per an hour with the exceptions of minigames Buy Old School RS Gold. It is based on the time you spend playing. Although I don't do more than one Tree run per day (or so it seems), that will increase my daily XP.