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Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.

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COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, and outstanding experts in the world advise people to stay at home. So how does staying at home, playing the Path of Exile, running maps and cultivating POE Currency help reduce the spread of COVID-19?

Italian experts recommend that people stay at home. When the virus has just begun to spread, they are still wanton, thinking that they will not be affected too much and can stay with other people. Suddenly, these people are sick, and their hospitals can no longer accept all the sick people. Too. They suffer because of lack of preparation, which can only blame their own stubborn thinking. Their ideas about viruses are all wrong.

COVID-19 is spread by droplets from infected persons. If droplets accidentally touch your mouth, nose or eyes, you will be infected. When you touch something you touched after infection, the virus will also enter your system. This is contact transmission. Symptoms do not appear until two to four weeks, and they can be transmitted even at the asymptomatic stage.

The most frightening thing is that people who are infected but asymptomatic can spread the virus. This means that you do not know who is infected, and you will not know until the symptoms appear or the diagnosis is confirmed. Imagine what you encounter when you commute to or from work. Many of these objects are shared. If a person who does not know he is infected sneezes and touches the same thing, how many people do you think they can infect?

These epidemics are growing exponentially. To illustrate this, suppose you are growing some bacteria in a Petri dish. This dish can only hold about 500 kinds of bacteria, and the bacteria will split into two every minute, thereby multiplying. Therefore, you put the strange bacteria into the dish. It will fill the plate in 10 minutes. In that example, which minute do you think bacteria will fill half of the plate? The answer is the 9th minute. The characteristic of exponential growth is that it starts slowly and then increases suddenly. If in our example, the hospital is a vegetable and the infected person is a bacterium, then doing nothing will overload all medical institutions.

Therefore, stay at home with Exalted Orb, or start a backlog of games. Stay at home and avoid nasty viruses floating outside. This is the only time you hear the sound of staying inside playing video games rather than going out. Wash your hands regularly to stay healthy.

Continue to enjoy the Path of Exile safely and comfortably in your own home!