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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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The Beginning. From as far ago as I remember I would judge someone based by their level of RuneScape gold combat first. This allowed me to tell whether the person was a seasoned player and could possibly help me. As I was just beginning my journey I found the level of combat an excellent indication. I had no idea what Rune Armour was. The cape they wore was an impressive piece of Rune Armour that Legend's Quest had to buy and wear. I had no idea about anything about it and all I could think was "Wow 27 combat nice!" Seriously?

Diffent Types of People. As I learned more, I came across Skillers and Pures aswell combaters, combaters Merchants, Forum/Player Moderators. Skillers can have a massive amount of experience, and extremely high levels, yet be below 70 levels. This was solved when I discovered that the capes worn by Skillers were Skillcapes. You need to be level 99 to obtain one. This is why I admired those who wore these capes tremendously and my best stat was around 34.

Pures may have a massive amount of combat-experience, with several stats such as Strength, Ranged and Magic, but they'll being between levels 75 and 85. While I didn't consider this to be useful, I did think it was odd and unnecessary. However, I needed to distinguish between Pures players from other players. Two things came to mind here: their names as well as their clothes.

If the name of their character was like 'X mxrng3pk' (if that is your name Please excuse) and their combat level was low, I can seperate them as a possible pure. Then, I examined their clothing and determined if it was alching or ranged gear. I thought they could be pures.

Combaters are those players who place more emphasis on the combat stats and less on the skill stats. They could have the same stats as a maxed stats player, however they could have 500-600 fewer total levels, and less experience with non-combat skills. This was the problem I solved. I now knew the stats of each player, whether they were a skilled, pure or combater, or cheap RS gold simply a normal balanced player.