Welcome to Alison Wonderland’s Animal Crossing island

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Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.

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Stars-they are just like us! Stuck at home, playing too many animals to traverse, that is.

The release of Nintendo Switch's hit songs happened during our collective isolation, allowing us to escape from reality and devote ourselves to the new island in this short period of time. They have been fishing, picking fruits, decorating interiors, and repaying loans to Tom Nook like the rest of us. Animal Crossing Bells can replace your labor, you don't need to do tasks yourself, you can get a lot of tools, or other things you want. Since the current situation does not allow real life travel, we decided to visit several celebrity islands to see where the magic happened.

As an EDM jet, Alison Wonderland's busy schedule prevents her from becoming a Switch game player unless she grounds the jet.

"Actually, last Christmas Day, I got a Switch," Wonderland said. "I was going to meet my best friend at the Australian airport at that time. She just had a baby. My flight was delayed for four hours, and there was no one at the airport. It was a little sad because it was Christmas ... … Then I walked around the airport just like you, and found a shop selling Nintendo Switches.

"When" Animal Crossing "came out, I saw it on Twitter. And I saw the viral transmission of Tik Tok performed by Isabell, and I thought, 'What is this? Too Great! 'I was fascinated by the video and found that it was animal crossing. I believe many players are obsessed with animal crossing because of the service of Cheap ACNH Items, which is not only safe and fast, but also allows us to have more Invest time in the game.

"I'm a little messy. All my deck and studio equipment are at home. I was thinking, 'Okay, what else should I do? Watching movies, ... maybe I will try to play games, she said:" Except Outside of making music, playing discs and learning to cook, the only other thing I do is play animal crossing games. I have fallen in love with this game. "

When Alison greeted me outside the Wonderland airport with the perfect name, for health reasons, she wore a self-designed rave black mask and suggested that she wait until my body temperature is normal Remove. Security is better than regret.