Phantasy Star Online 2 now has one million players worldwide

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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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PSO2 Hosts The Closing ARKS Hour, For Unclear motives, But Here's Your Monthly Code. Nowadays, the eighth and last episode aired on YouTube. We're not sure why the show has come to a conclusion meseta pso2 ngs, as the hosts did not go into that on the series. They also let viewers know that if they'd love to see something similar for NGS they ought to send tweets allowing the PSO2:NGS staff know what they need. Our very best guess is that the decision to end the series may have something to do with the impending coming of NGS.

So far as content goes to this episode, it is pretty much what you have come to expect from an ARKS Hour, overall info about things like scratch ticket events, and of course the Phantasy Phashion segment. There was also a rather cheerful interview with HappyConsoleGamer. And ... There was a gift code.

As with the latest giveaways, you'll want to put this to international discussion (some time before May 25th) and then check the visiphone to receive your goodies. The goodies in question are just two Augmentation Assist +40%, 3 Triboos +150 percent, and a SG 100 Ticket. Your code is ONEMOREPSEBURST.

The online RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting a sequel using New Genesis, with which outdated material is revised in the exact same time and even moved to the new game cheap PSO2 NGS Meseta. At precisely the same time that it becomes an MMORPG. The first beta took place in our west in May 2021 and it is now clear that lovers of MMORPGs ought to keep a watch out for PSO 2.