I discovered it ever since I started Runescape years ago

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Song of Nature - fertilizes and cures disease in almost any farming patch close to you; if you are wearing an amulet of character, it will take that to all your patches RuneScape Gold 2007. Bountiful Harvest - cast on a farming patch to collect it harvest; additional exp and guaranteed 15 percent increase in return There should be more, but I am out of thoughts.

Emotional Focus - raises attack and defense by 9%. Only Fury- increases power by 11%. Swift Wind-increases ranging precision by 18%. Mystic Purity- raises mage accuracy by 23% and max mage struck by 1. Purify- heals poison. Heal- use on a player to cure 5 of their hitpoints; cannot use again for a certain timeframe.

Refresh heals a different players stats rejuvenate- heals your hitpoints. Mutualism - treats your enemy 10 hp and you 15 hp; they MUST be in battle with you. Combat Spells. Tornado Eye- prices up to 13 damage to anybody in a 3x3 square around you.

Crystal Mirror- strongest spell in the book; can only be used once per use of spellbook; the next time you receive an attack, it's negated, and the offender is hit to get the maximum damage of said assault; any effects (the attack reduced stats or used toxin, etc) is implemented; reduces your own stats after use.

Shield - blocks all strikes for 5 seconds, but you can't attack yourself. Petrification - your goal is damaged for up to 6 and turns into stone; they revert after time; their defense is INCREASED since they're produced from strong stone. Combat Spells that you're able to autocast Buy RS3 Gold. Cool Down- water element spell which deals up to 14 damage and lowers targets power by 5 percent.