Torchlight III details customizable forts in new trailer

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Posted 3 years ago in Gaming.

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Perfect World Entertainment has released a new game trailer for Torchlight III. This time, all the information about the player's fortress can be highly customized, and the player can adjust the character according to their own preferences.

Torchlight III was released early this year as a complete redesign of Torchlight Frontier. The free split from the popular "hack and slash" franchise was the original intention of its design, but during the Alpha test, the feedback of the players led the developers to take measures to change their vision.

With the rise of choppers and chopper games to new heights, an experienced person among the outstanding representatives such as Road of Exile and Dawn of Death will have the opportunity to once again become the main character on the scene. The specific skills played by Buy POE Currency can help you easily become the main character.

The fortress is your personal mark in the world. Each is unique and the resources are all in your own hands. Various products can be customized inside, planting a lush garden to make a success monument for you. When unlocked early in the first act of "Torch Heart III", the fortress can be customized immediately. The premise is that you must grab the fortress from the local Goblin tribe. Experience your own pest control adventure!

Today ’s new trailer highlights the strongholds. These are the hometowns of the players. They can be designed according to their fashion sense and their playing style. They can be used on all roles in an account. POE Currency allows you to play a unique role without having to redo all the hard work.

With the expected release sometime this year, Torchlight III aims to be initially released on Steam. We also guess that it will be published on the console port.